The Best Makeup a Girl Can Wear is Aveda

Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Aveda is the best makeup any girl can wear’, or something like that… Okay, okay so there might have been a few words added/dropped but regardless Marilyn may have been onto something. Besides a ‘smile’ Aveda is thee supreme makeup due to its natural ingredients and trendy palettes. With fall creeping up and summer coming to a close, it’s time to pack away your bright pink glosses and swap them for some dark, dramatic lipsticks. But Aveda doesn’t have any right now you say?? Well luckily for all those pumpkin-spice latte enthusiasts, Aveda has just released their Autumn/Winter 2016 makeup line. Their new colors are sure to make your fabulous flannel-lovin’-self stand out among the hundreds of honey crisp trees at the apple farm this fall.

So next week after you’ve had your much-needed service at the Entourage and your stylist or esthetician asks you if you would like some makeup before tearing up the town…do it! If you’re really feeling up for a challenge try asking for the collection by name ‘FŌKLÔR’ or if you’re a bit self-conscious with strangely spelled words play it safe and ask for the new fall makeup collection.

Make those eyes SPARKLE:

The Fab Four Eye colors

Chia: Dark Purple eye shadow to help you achieve that oh so desired look of fierce intimidation.

Rose Quartz: Sparkly pink that makes the any other shimmery pink eyeshadow look so ‘high school’.

Dusted Sage: A light, misty green just might be the perfect shadow to wear to the apple orchard.

Balsam: Trees aren’t the only ones that a cool, deep evergreen looks good on.

Two eyeliners because two is better than one

Slate Shimmer: Sparkling ‘gunmental’ blue (Aveda’s words not mine).

Gypsum Gold: Ever look at champagne at and admire how beautiful the color is?? Me either..but if you did, this is what it would look like in an eyeliner.

Make those lips POP:

Because there should be always be 2 lipstick options on a rainy, cold fall day

Carnelian: Not too sure what a carnelian is but all I know is that it’s a deep, brick red.

Sheer Primrose: For when you’re feeling like you wish it were still summer throw this cute light, pink on

My lip gloss be poppin’

Pink Lupine: pair this with that champagne colored eyeliner to bring out the gold specs in your look…the next best thing to gold braces or a diamond studded grill.

Chuparosa: A orangish-blend in with the changing colors of fall with this orangish-red

Line those lips and call em’ luscious

Tarragona: A deep brick red for when you’re feeling like you deserve bigger lips than God gave you.

So makeup is hard to explain and it’s one of those things that needs to be seen or touched. If you don’t have an appointment, book yourself one so you can take a look at Aveda’s new makeup collection. You won’t be sorry! Have them show you a few makeup tutorials so you can create the runway ready look at home with your cup of coffee at 6 AM. Look good feel good right?!

Lastly if you’d like a bit of entertainment I’ve attempted to recreate one of Aveda’s looks from their trend book. The goal look titled ‘Risor Rose’ can be seen below. I tried to take some progress photos so you could see how the look ends up all coming together.

desired look

P.S: Give me a bit of a break on the photos…it’s been a long day at work.

Here are the steps to success:

steps to look

Here are my tools:


Here goes nothing!! (Before)


1. Prep lids and apply chia to the inner and outer corners of the eyes with the eye contour brush

step 1

2. Apply chia along outer two-thirds of bottom lash line with medium eye brush

step 2

3. Apply rose quartz to centers of lid with medium eye brush diffusing the chia shade
4. Apply rose quartz to inner top and bottom corners of the eyes with medium eye brush

step 3

6. Line eyes with black orchid eye liner and use eye smudger brush to diffuse

step 4

7. Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes

step 5

8. Finish off with matte powder
9. Apply blush to apples of cheeks and bronzer

step 6

10. Apply Pink Lupine for a golden, glossy finish

step 7

And there you have it…I’m all dolled up on a Wednesday night and nowhere to go but my sweet bed.

finished look

Oh, and think you can do better? Post it on Instagram/Facebook and tag us! We’d love to see. No hard feelings if it looks way better, but there will be some laughs if it’s embarrassingly horrible.

Have a great rest of your week!