When the Going Gets Tough…Get a Pedi!

According to the Surgeon General (or someone important in the health field), it is recommended that the average person gets about 10,000 steps in each day to lead a healthful and happy life. Those who do get their daily recommended steps in enjoy the added benefits of lower blood pressure, better mental health, higher quality of sleep, and even weight loss. However there is one minor side effect of walking about 5 miles per day. This nasty side effect is known as the ‘icky feet phenomenon’ which affects the feet through various conditions including giant calluses and chipped last season nail polish. This one downside of exercise doesn’t mean you should give up running the trails or even those long, romantic strolls on the beach with that special someone. Instead you can make an appointment with the nail technicians at the Entourage who will turn your icky feet into beautiful ones with a life-changing pedicure.

Entourage has five pedicure chairs to best serve those who love to treat their hardworking feet. Five chairs give you the chance to sit back, turn on the massage feature, and relax with your four closest friends or with four other cool people who appreciate their feet. Both are great. As your feet soak, give a look at the OPI and Zoya polish samples. They are updated seasonally to make sure you are with the ‘in crowd’ that wears the latest trends. OPI is known for their quirky names, while Zoya is known for its natural ingredients. Once your pastel green polish is applied you might even just exclaim ‘This cool, refreshing, pale green is so worth it’, or you might have just read the color off the OPI sample.

So now that you’re trying to decide if your feet deserve a little pampering or that you indeed have ‘icky feet’, you’re probably wondering what the girls at Entourage can do about them. There are several options as described below. Please see the website for pricing and more details.

Express Pedicure- For the working professional or impatient salon goers, this pedicure will cover the basics in 40 minutes with buffing, shaping, cuticle treatment, and polish application.

Mini Pedicure– Already have a service booked such as a color/cut or have a last minute date night? No worries! This pedi will take care of those nails in a jiffy. Your date will appreciate it, trust me.

Polish Change– So you like painted nails, but you don’t like when strangers touch your feet? This one is for you!

Revitalizing Foot Treatment– If you walked 20,000 steps today or more, call and make an appointment for this one. The masque and soothing aromatherapy will rejuvenate your feet to get them ready for the next 20,000 steps tomorrow.

Shampure Pedicure– Yes, Shampure is a shampoo and it smells good. Can you imagine if your stinky feet smelled like your hair?! Dreams do come true.

Stress-Fix Pedicure– Kids didn’t do their chores or their homework and your dog ate your favorite pair of shoes? Don’t pull your hair out! Come in to destress with Aveda’s aromatic blend that is clinically proven to reduce stress through exfoliating salts and moisturizing masks.

Still not sure if you need a pedicure? Answer the following question to find out:

What sort of physical activity did you do today? (Choose all that apply)
A. Ran a Marathon
B. Sat in my cubicle
C. Chased around my 2 year old
D. Hung out at home with my cat eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while watching ‘Dirty Dancing’
E. None of the Above (Boo!)

If you answered the question at all:
YES, you do need a pedicure at the Entourage Salon and Spa. Call 920-459-7110 to book yours today.

P.S: Real men get pedicures.

Keep calm and take care of your feet.