November 13th is the New December 25th

It’s finally November, so it’s about time time to put your skeletons back in the closet, pickup your butterball turkey, and make your Christmas shopping list. Seems like a lot to do? Well good thing Entourage can help you cross one of those things off your list this holiday season. (Hint: We’re not having a turkey sale for your neighbor’s screaming kid’s elementary school)

Anyways… if you have never been to one of our joyful holiday open houses, you’ve really been missing out! Live music, holiday deals and steals, Christmas cookies, and holiday cheer fill 726 Michigan Ave on a Sunday afternoon. So to keep it sweet and simple, I think a few ‘Must knows’ of Entourage open house is a cheerful way to lay it out for all you eager elves out there.

1) The Holiday Open house will take place on Sunday, November 13th from 1-4 pm. Don’t come early and don’t come late or you’ll miss all of the savings that Santa’s helpers at Entourage have been scheming for the past few weeks.

2) You get a Gift set and you get a gift set! (In Oprah voice) Let’s just say if Oprah knew about these holiday inspired gift sets they would be on her favorite things show. Entourage will be premiering many different gift sets filled with assorted Aveda products in lovely packaging. Easy gift for Moms, Aunts, and Grandmas.

3) November 13th has better deals than Black Friday!
– Purchase a $100 gift certificate for Mama and get $20 off of retail
– Purchase a 60 or 90 minute facial for Aunt Suzie and get a coupon for dual exfoliation peel Add-On.
– Save yourself 15-20p off of retail that is not gift sets (p is the cool word for %)
– Purchase a gift set under $50 for neighbor Peg and get $5 off a service in January/February
– Purchase a gift set over $50 for your favorite sister Jill and get $10 off a service in January/February
– Donate a canned good to those who cannot feed themselves at the Salvation Army and get a feel good mini stress fix crème
– Purchase gift sets for everyone in your family and earn MAD Pure privilege points to start off 2017

4) There will be SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! Stations will be set up for you to wander around and make you realize that maybe you do need a polish change or some sparkle and shine in your boring, normal hair. And even better all you have to do is donate $10 to the Red Cross to get some fresh nails and shimmery hair(s). Come see us Sunday to see what other stations we have to offer!

5) The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. There will be music and it will be live and that’s all you need to know.

6) Cookies made with Christmas sparkle and love will be served to our guests.

7) They may or may not be some Aveda holiday cheer you can take home with you as you leave. Our little gift from us to you to show you how much we appreciate your business and good company.

Nobody likes a Scrooge. Get your sparkly booty down to the Entourage on November 13th between 1 and 4 pm. We have something for everyone. Yes, we even have a gift you can buy old, grouchy Great-Aunt Franny. 

Happy Holidays ya filthy animals!

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