Hair Extensions

If you are interested in getting hair extensions, or learning more about them call the Entourage at 920-459-7110 and setup a complimentary consultation with Keisha Herzog. Keisha is a certified Hairdreams hair extension specialist. Visit for more information.

Prior to your initial hair extension consultation, think about why you are interested in having hair extensions. People choose to get hair extensions for a variety of reasons, add length, add volume, add texture, or simply change their style. Remember that time , effort, and cost are a major part of any hair exension process and it is different for each client.

Hair extensions are only guaranteed when you take proper care of your extensions, which includes following the after care process and attending all needed appointments. When taken care of correclty, hair extensions can be worn on average four to eight months. If you have short or fine hair, the average period is four months.

Entourage hair extensions are made of real human hair. The bonds are made of nylon, and unlike glue bonds, nylon bonds are never cut out of hair or damage natural hair. If you are allergic to nylon these hair
exensions are not for you.

All salons have different processes for hair extensions which is why a consultation is required, even if you have had consultations at other salons or even had hair extensions in the past. When scheduling your consultation please specify your appointment is for hair extensions with Keisha.

All hair extensions and clip in hair extensions are price quoted by the stylist and require a consultation.

Eyelash Extensions

Xtreme Lash Extensions are a non-invasive, relaxing procedure with anti-aging results. Founded by an RN, Xtreme Lash extensions are designed for women on the go; the extensions lengthen and thicken lashes without the need for mascara. These extensions are semi-permanent and can last indefinitely with scheduled fills.

As we age, lashes grow shorter and sparser. Xtreme lashes are sythetic fibers attached individually to each natural lash using medical grade adhesive. The fibers give your lashes a weightless fell and natural look. Touch ups, or fills are required every two to four weeks to maintain the natural, luscious look.

A brief consultation with Stephanie, Heather O or Kate is required before booking an appointment for a full set. A full set is three hours application time and approximately 90 or more extensions are applied to each eye! A fill appointment is required two weeks after the full set. Fills are 1.5 hours long;extensions are applied to new lashes and others that have shed. Care and maintenance of extensions are easy; be gentle in eye area, avoid extreme heat and use oil free products. The Entourage carries several Xtreme lash products for use at home. Visit for more information.