Entourage Goes Bald for the Kids

Most mornings hair is a pain in the butt. You have to wash it, brush it, style it, and repeat on the reg (or at least a few times a week). Some days your hair looks like you could take on the Red Carpet and other days it looks like you rolled around in a field with your dog. You love it when it’s good and hate it when it’s bad. However, imagine not being able to have that love/hate relationship with hair because you have cancer. Even worse, you’re a child with cancer. Goodbye to crazy hair days at school. Cancer, you suck.

What if we could make sure more kids have rainbow hair, pig tails, messy buns, and fishtail braids? We can with the help of great nonprofits like Saint Baldrick’s, a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to supporting promising research for childhood cancers. More children are lost to childhood cancer than any other disease,every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed.

Entourage Salon and Spa is supporting childhood cancer research by co hosting a Saint Baldrick’s event with Urbane on March 18th beginning at noon. We have several lovely hair stylists shaving heads of 12 participants (so far) in the name of childhood cancer. Go team! The participants have raised money from friends and family with the promise of shaving their head. Whether they are shaving their head for the fun or it or have lost a loved one to cancer, each participant has a unique story and full head of hair that they are bringing to Urbane on the 18th.

Here’s the a sneak peak of the (soon to be bald) superstars starring in the Saint Baldrick’s event next weekend in Sheboygan:


‘I do this in honor of my father. He shaved his head in 2013 while he was battling cancer – he believed that cancer was bad enough for him to deal with, but he just couldn’t accept that children have to deal with this horrible disease. He passed away four months later, and so I created Team KC4KC (Kick Cancer 4 Kevin Covey) to honor his memory and to help a cause he believed in very strongly.’


‘This is my 10th year doing St. Baldrick’s! I originally did it because I started working at Urbane part time and I thought it was a fun way to raise awareness for the cause. I kept doing it because I really enjoyed it, it was a fun way to raise money with getting people to donate and also shave your head!’


‘My name is Jimmy,this will be my 11th year shaving my head for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. My 15 year son Matthew is also doing it this year for his 8th time. I started Team 4Matty just for these events. The reason I started shaving my head was for my son Matthew who has a genetic disease call Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome. Lucky for us so far, none of his polyps have been cancerous. If we didn’t know about his genetic disease who knows what he would be going through right now. So when I found out about St. Baldrick’s foundation it was a no brainer to sign up and shave my head and raise some money for this great cause.’

Like Jimmy said, it’s a ‘no brainer’ to come advocate for childhood cancer research. Entourage and Urbane are very proud to be able to support such a great cause. Good or bad hair day we are looking forward to seeing you there. Let’s go bald for the kids so they don’t have to!