The Entourage Salon & Spa is the only continuously trained and trend-aware team in Sheboygan County with the expertise to provide high-end affordable services in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Our stylists train and learn new techniques from Aveda experts, and hone their skills at all levels of expertise. We make any style ambition a reality. Take a look at our services below and contact us for an appointment.

Entourage expert stylists

Curly or highly textured hair requires specialized training and expertise. Our senior master stylist, Nikki, has received training with all types of textured and curly hair. Give us a call today to discuss your curly and texture hair needs. 

Texture/curly specialized haircut
Texture hair detangling and straightening
price upon request

Continuously trained in the latest styles and skills, our stylists are the best in Sheboygan - at all levels.

Senior Master cut
Master cut
Advanced cut
New Talent
Child cut
Entourage Salon & Spa, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, hair services


Shampoo and Style
$30 & up
Shampoo & Style with curling and styling
$40 & up
Special Occasion Hairstyle Short
$46 & up
Updo or Special Occasion Hairstyle Long
$55 & up
Updo Bride
$78 & up
Updo Bridal Attendant
$68 & up
Perm, Haircut & Style
$125 & up
Perm & Style
$110 & up
Partial Perm*
Quoted by stylist
Specialty Wrap Long Hair*
Quoted by Stylist
Quoted by Stylist
Texture hair detangling/straightening
Quoted by stylist


Single Process Color
$80 & up
Single Process Color and Cut
$110 & up
Partial Highlights
Quoted by Stylist
$125 & up
Balayage and Cut
$145 & up
Hilight with cut
$125 and up
Hilight color and cut
$145 and up
Entourage Salon & Spa, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, hair services

Hair Extensions

Hairdreams - Bonding system (hair extensions) *
Quoted by Stylist
Clip in Extensions *
Quoted by Stylist
VOMOR Hair Extensions
Quoted by Stylist

VOMOR hair extensions

  • Exclusive to AVEDA salons
  • Fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair in just 15 minutes
  • VoMor extensions are tape-in and reusable. Reconditioning is recommended twice after the first application.
  • VoMor extensions are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and packaged according to environmental guidelines.
  • Recommended wear is 6-8 weeks; extensions are to be applied and removed by a licensed stylist only.
  • Available lengths: 12, 16, and 20 inches aligned to the AVEDA color wheel. 

VOMOR extensions short hair

VOMOR extensions long hair



Following your salon or spa service, sample an exciting new lip color, a splash of eye color or a fresh touch of blush.

Entourage has Aveda trained makeup artists

Aveda makeup counter

Makeup Application

Application 45 minutes
$50 and up
Interactive Make-up Lesson
Band Lashes
Single Lashes

Makeup Lesson

60 minute lesson
$65 and up



Entourage Salon & Spa offers expert eyelash extension services that compliment your new hairstyle and makeup. Our eyelash experts can extend, thicken, or tint your eyelashes to top off your new look! 

Entourage Salon & Spa provides eyelash extensions that lengthen and thicken lashes

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Master Full Set
Master 75 min fill
Master 90 min fill
Master 105 min fill
Advanced Full Set
Advanced 75 min fill
Advanced 90 min fill
Advanced 105 min fill

Hybrid volume lashes

Master full set
Master 90 min relash
Master 105 min relash

Lash lift

Elleebana Lash Lift

Elleebana Lash Lift


Lash tint
30 Minute Eyelash Removal
Non Xtreme 40 Minute Removal


Eyebrow wax and Brow Tint
Eyebrow wax and Lash Tint
Lash and Brow Tinting
Brow Tinting

Henna Tint

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness. Henna is a natural dye made from a plant known as hina or the henna tree. We feature 8 customizable colors to create the perfect look.

Henna Brow tinting
Henna brow tinting with lash lift and tint
Henna Brow and Wax


A thin cotton thread is twisted and then rolled over the areas of unwanted hairs, removing the hair from the follicle. Perfect for those who dislike waxing or have sensitive skin or for anyone who is on any kind of acne medication. Threading can last up 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the hair texture and growth.

Eyebrow and Lip
Full Face



Entourage Salon & Spa offers a private oasis where those dealing with hair loss or thinning hair can relax and have our experts help you select a wig alteration. We can help choose the right style, color, and make alterations for a proper fit. We also offer other options such as head wraps and designer scarves.

For most women selecting a wig is new territory. To get started you need to know what is available Synthetic and human hair wigs are equally durable and can be matched to your own hair color and cut. Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain, hold longer, dry faster, and are less expensive than “real hair” wigs. Human hair wigs have a more natural fell and versatility. They can be treated as real hair and can be permed, dyed and touched up with heated appliances.

Entourage Salon & Spa has high-quality synthetic and human hair wigs

Many insurance companies cover partial or total costs of wigs. Check your “Durable Goods Policy” which often covers wheel chairs, crutches, etc. To comply with eligibility, you may ask your doctor to prescribe a “cranial prothesis.”

Entourage wig purchase includes a complimentary consultations, hair services and maintenance before hair loss, wig fitting, upkeep and alterations to your wig, and tidy cuts during regrowth. Clients of our wig salon will receive a Relax and Renew card that entitles them to receive a 15%discount off of all spa services Monday – Thursday. (please visit our spa section of our web page for a complete list of services).

All Wig services require a $50.00 – 60 minute consultation. The client can apply $25.00 of this cost towards the purchase of a wig, designer scarf or hat.

Human Hair Wig

Wash and Style
$50 and up
Haircut and Style
$75 & up
Quoted by Stylist

Synthetic Hair Wig

Wash and Style
$40 & up
Haircut and Style
$65 & up
Repair and Alteration
Quoted by Stylist

Wig not purchased at the Entourage

Quoted by Stylist
Quoted by Stylist
Quoted by Stylist

Men's Hair Pieces

Hair Piece
$50 & up
Wig Buying Tips
  • When wig shopping, bring a friend for backup and support
  • Recommend reconditioning every 6-8 weeks to maintain integrity of wig
  • Try on multiple styles, types and colors.
  • Consider cutting hair shorter before starting treatment.
  • Select a wig before chemo begins to better match color and style
  • Experts suggest matching your lightest hair at the top front of your head.
  • Learn to wear your wig and practice with our expert stylists.
  • Consider an everyday wig, and one for special occasions.
  • Keep in mind, real – hair wigs require more maintenance.